Tree Surgery

Tree pruning and tree felling in Kokkola and all Keski-Pohjanmaa.

Tom Gow Arboristipalvelut offer a qualified and experienced tree surgery service. Using the latest techniques and equipment enabling us to offer a wide range of tree care solutions.

Tree surgery services we offer include:

Sectional Felling – removal of trees in confined areas using lowering and rigging techniques.

Crown thinning – the selective removal of internal branches evenly throughout the crown of the tree, reducing the density of the crown.

Crown reduction – reducing the height and or spread of the trees crown through correct pruning practice, leaving the tree in a balanced shape.

Crown lifting – removal of lower branches to raise the canopy of the tree.

Fruit Tree Pruning – pruning, reshaping and removal of dead or diseased wood to stimulate the formation of flowers and fruit buds.

Hedge trimming and reduction – maintenance trimming to full height reductions and reshaping.

Hazardous Tree Removal – specialists in the controlled removal of hazardous trees.

Pollarding – the removal of branches to previous pollard points, a traditional form of management.

Cable Bracing – the introduction of a cable brace (flexible/rod) in appropriate circumstances to extend a trees life and in the interest of safety.

All tree surgery operations are carried out in accordance with industry best practice by qualified operators. The company is covered by 500000 € public liability insurance.

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